Karl Reed

Showcasing a blended sound that infuses the best of classic R&B, funk, gospel and soul, Karl Reed is a veteran singer, songwriter and producer that is a true vocal stylist.
A native of Detroit, Michigan, as an artist, Karl paid his dues and more than earned his place on major stages both domestic and internationally through a journey that is uniquely his own.
Like most music lovers of the era, as a young child Karl was greatly influenced by the emerging Motown sound – especially
the roster contributions of legendary hitmakers Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye who were personal friends of his parents James and Marilyn Reed.
Exposed first-hand to the passion and power of music, and the potential of his own artistic gifts, he eventually took vocal lessons with Dorinda, Twinkie and Karen Clark of the legendary Clark Sisters. With
growing confidence and opportunities, he quickly cut his teeth as a songwriter as a collaborator and pupil of the late Obie Benson of the iconic group The Four Tops.
Confident in his calling, Karl continued to expand his territory as a multi-talented standout. Embracing
his own niche and style, his professional music journey began supporting renown R&B singer Cherrelle – not as a vocalist but showcasing another of his talents as her hair stylist. In short order, Karl became
Cherrelle’s personal stylist creating a host of distinctive looks and creative styles, while traveling on the
road with her for engagements, concerts and personal appearances.
Interestingly, while styling Cherrelle’s hair, Karl would routinely sing impressing her with his vocal talent.
It was while supporting the filming of her new music video in London, their unique relationship was the catalyst for an introduction to her labelmate, R&B hitmaker Alexander O’Neal. Now styling both artists, he was subsequently featured in the video for O’Neal’s global smash hit and top-ten duet with Cherrelle,
“Never Knew Love Like This.” No surprise, in short order O’Neal recruited Karl as a background vocalist
opening a world of new opportunity and professional growth as he traveled extensively performing throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Scotland and Japan.
With growing visibility, as an emerging solo artist Karl gained invaluable experience and perfected his recording skills partnering with singer Keith Washington, ultimately crafting his stage presence through his work with O’Neal and the late Ollie Woodson of music’s premier soul group, The Temptations.
With a smooth and mature sound, listeners can feel the distinctive influences of his mentors as Karl exudes a powerful, soulful sound that is both rich and satisfying. Intoning infectious lyrics that resonate,
his raw, nitty gritty and passionate style leave fans everywhere inspired, engaged and entertained.
Personifying the best of R&B with a touch of Motown, Karl Reed is ready to share his gifts with you.