blue rivers records

We Manage Your  Talent Career

Blue Rivers Records is an independent record label whose main goal is to give young and upcoming talent, as well as experienced talent, the opportunity to make records with minimal cost. The reason for this approach is simple: many artists simply cannot afford thousands of dollars to produce a record.

To produce a record at a lower cost than other labels, Blue Rivers Records works together with artists, producers, writers, musicians and engineers. We believe it is a great way to get things done since everyone involved with the project shares in the success. We encourage our artists to develop business ideas so they can maximize their talents and their abilities to help them reach their full potential.

Blue Rivers Records will also provide services that educates artists on how to build a successful business model. This could include creating merchandise, commercials, videos, becoming representatives for corporations or simply giving advice on how to invest proceeds from their album sales.



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Axel Farrow

Senior Team Executive
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Senior Data Engineer
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Kason Espinosa

Direct Communications Designer