Joan Belgrave

Grammy Nominated Artist


innovative producer, artist and song writer


placed in the top 10 festival songs of the year by the JCDC

About Blue Rivers Records

Blue Rivers Records is an independent record label whose main goal is to give young and upcoming talent, as well as experienced talent, the opportunity to make records with minimal cost. The reason for this approach is simple: many artists simply cannot afford thousands of dollars to produce a record.

To produce a record at a lower cost than other labels, Blue Rivers Records works together with artists, producers, writers, musicians and engineers. We believe it is a great way to get things done since everyone involved with the project shares in the success. We encourage our artists to develop business ideas so they can maximize their talents and their abilities to help them reach their full potential.


joan belgrave


Joan Belgrave Joan Belgrave is a Grammy nominated vocalist who began singing in a church choir and continued on to study classical voice. Her flexibility to perform several genres of music, from jazz and blues to gospel and soul, captivates audiences and keeps them wanting more.

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Revnee (Frank Arboine Jr.), CEO and co-founder of Dreamlife Entertainment, is an innovative producer, artist and song writer. He has written music for many local and international talents with a unique style blended from hip hop, pop, r&b, dance hall and reggae.

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Iyasimba (Radcliffe McClymont) made his international debut in the music industry in 2008 when he was placed in the top 10 festival songs of the year by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC).


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Joan Belgrave - Merry Christmas Baby

Joan Belgrave - Exciteable

Revnee - Music Of My Life

Joan Belgrave - Hey Love